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Clear Chaos Ltd - Cookie Policy

Effective from 1st March 2015

Cookies are small text files used to gather and store information whilst you navigate through our site.  We use cookies to maintain a single session id which is referenced on any page that requires us to remember information you have provided, eg.

  • Data entry forms: where you have sent information to us on an enquiry form, or registration form.
  • Customer accounts: where you create and/or log into an account.
  • Shopping carts: where you add items to a shopping cart.

Our Cookies

We store a single unique session ID within a cookie, this is simply a sequence of letters and numbers that is unique to you whilst you visit our site and allows us to identify data that belongs to you, eg the contents of a shopping basket. We also store an additional cookie to log when your have granted permission for us to use cookies.

Name Purpose
PHPSESSID Essential to maintain a session throughout your visit to the site. It is set by the web server purely for session management, and expires when you close your browser.
cookie_permission This is used to log when you give us permission to use cookies on the site.


Other Cookies

We may also have a cookie generated by Google Analytics, which allows us to measure the user experience of our site and helps us to identify problem areas.

Name Purpose
_utma This cookie is set by Google Analytics and records time-related information and number of visits to the site. This cookie expires after two years.
_utmb This cookie is also set by Google Analytics and records approximately how long you spend on the site. However this cookie expires after one hour.
_utmc Again, another Google Analytics cookie also recording how long you spend on the site. The cookie expires when you close your browser.
_utmz One more Google Analytics cookie which records the referring site (where you came from if following a link into this site). This cookie expires after six months.

If you have any questions concerning our use of cookies, please don´t hesitate to contact us.