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Clear Chaos Ltd - Cookie Policy

Effective from 1st May 2018

Cookies are small text files used to gather and store information whilst you navigate through our site.  We use cookies to maintain a single session id which is referenced on any page that requires us to remember information you have provided, eg.

  • Data entry forms: where you have sent information to us on an enquiry form, or registration form.
  • Customer accounts: where you create and/or log into an account.
  • Shopping carts: where you add items to a shopping cart.

Our Cookies

We store a single unique session ID within a cookie, this is simply a sequence of letters and numbers that is unique to you whilst you visit our site and allows us to identify data that belongs to you, eg the contents of a shopping basket. We also store an additional cookie to log when your have granted permission for us to use cookies.

Name Purpose
PHPSESSID Essential to maintain a session throughout your visit to the site. It is set by the web server purely for session management, and expires when you close your browser.
cookie_permission This is used to log when you give us permission to use cookies on the site.


Other Cookies

We may also have a cookie generated by Google Analytics, which allows us to measure the user experience of our site and helps us to identify problem areas.

If you have any questions concerning our use of cookies, please don´t hesitate to contact us.