Clear Chaos Ltd

.uk Domain Names

Nominet is the central registry of all .uk domains. By registering a .uk domain with us you also enter into a contract with Nominet, the terms of which can be found here :

The Nominet tag we use is: ALPHA-T

We charge up to £15+VAT per annum to register and look after a .uk domain name for you.

We will contact you 30 days prior to domain renewal to ensure you still want to keep the domain. We will use the primary email contact details we have registered here - it's your responsibility to make sure we are kept up to date if your contact details change.

If you want to cancel a domain name on our tag, please let us know BEFORE the "expiry date" for that domain. You can find a domain expiry date by looking at it's public "whois" record here :

Our domains are set to auto-renew with Nominet, if you wish to cancel and have left it until the expiry date you will be charged for an additional year.

If you wish to transfer a domain away from us, we only require you to have settled your account with us. We do not charge for the transfer itself.

If you have a complaint, please see the complaints section on our Terms and Conditions page.